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Andy Capp Borgman - Cincinnati Enquirer
B.C. Peters - Dayton Daily News
Beatle Bailey Ramirez - New York Post
Blondie Stahler - Columbus Dispatch
Born Loser USA Today
Dennis the Menace Astrology/Horoscope
Dilbert E-Cards - online greeting cards
Garfield Bridge World
Hagar the Horrible Crossword Puzzle
Herman Dave Barry - Miami Herald
Hi and Lois Dear Abby
In the Bleachers Emeril Live - Food Network
Marmaduke Fantasy Football - from Yahoo!
Marvin Florida Lottery Results
Mother Goose & Grimm Jumble
Peanuts Letterman's Top 10 List
Wizard of ID Roger Ebert - Movie Reviews
Comics.Com This Day in History - the History Channel
King Features Syndicate  

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