by Tim Bryce
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July 2010

A work of fiction


  The perfect present.


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by Tim Bryce
Published by: MBA PRESS (M. Bryce & Associates)
Copyright © 2010 by Tim Bryce
ISBN-13: 978-0-9786182-6-2
ISBN: 0-9786182-6-2
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    Well known for his essays and editorials on management and technology, author Tim Bryce has written a new book entitled, "Tin Heads," which describes a future where people are able to visit just about anywhere on the planet without the constraints of travel. This is a new venue for Bryce who uses it to perpetuate his social commentaries, both humorous and serious. Tim is perhaps best known as the author of his The Bryce is Right! column.

    According to Bryce, "Air transportation has transformed itself from being a fun and exciting experience to an expensive and laborious proposition. I don't think anyone relishes the idea of traveling by airplane anymore, least of all business people. It occurred to me there has to be a better way for people to meet and discuss business. Teleconferencing is nice, but it lacks the personal touch. Consequently, I came up with the "Tin Head" concept which is a nickname for a drone device whereby people can visit faraway locations without having to leave home. Not only is it possible for the Tin Head concept to occur, it is highly probable we will see something like this emerge within this decade."

    Bryce has taken the concept and created a series of "episodes" (chapters) showing practical applications for Tin Head use, some humorous, others quite serious. It's actually an entertaining read. Although some might consider it science fiction, it is an enjoyable read for just about everyone.

    Wayne Brown Book Review by Wayne Brown
    Dallas, Texas

    "I think you have a fantastic idea here which, in this day and time, is not too far fetched from reality. Your writing style is superb. It is comfortable and really helps the reader's mind paint a picture quickly. I also like the humorous undertone. It really keeps things interesting."

    Greg Stewart Book Review by Greg Stewart
    Los Angeles, California

    "It's a great body of work. It has a fun and easy to read tone and tempo, and reads quick. But it breaks into some really beautiful moral (even business) allegories and some powerful teaching moments."

    John Siggins Book Review by John Siggins
    Jamestown, New York

    "I have read Tin Heads and enjoyed it very much. Your unique perspective on the technology and management aspects open all kinds of possibilities."

    Jan Smith Book Review by Jan Smith

    "I've finally finished reading Tin Heads and it's awesome. While I can envision the use of something of this sort some day, each of your episodes either provides a lesson or serves as a cautionary tale.

    While the technology is amazing, abuse of it is tempting to some. I laughed out loud at the politician who tried to overutilize Tin Heads to maximize his exposure and instead maximized his embarrassment. Rooted in greed, he tried to take on more than he could handle with disasterous results.

    I think your point is that technology like Tin Heads is neither good nor bad in itself. The important point is how we use it. We can be honest like Dixon or A.C. or we can be discontented with enough, always pushing for more, but never happy. I felt sorry for Billy Banta, even with all his money. His family isn't happy and it was easy to see why he envied his old friend.

    Some years ago, I heard a speaker who made the point that a driver's license is neither good nor bad. One who earns a license may use it either to drive a Sunday School bus or a getaway car. It all comes down to values and personal choice."


    Title: TIN HEADS
    Format: eBook (PDF) - requires use of the popular Adobe Reader
    Type: Fiction
    Edition: 1 (published July 2010)
    Type: Fiction. Suitable for young adults and older.
    ISBN: 978-0-9786182-6-2
    ISBN-13: 0-9786182-6-2
    Copyright: 2010
    Pages: 166 Pages - with Foreword and Introduction.
    Price: $11.00 (US)
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    Separate AMAZON KINDLE VERSION available (ASIN: B005FRG41W).

    Contents include:

    About the Author
    Episode 1 - What is a Tin Head?
    Episode 2 - The Final Salute
    Episode 3 - The Five Way
    Episode 4 - The Epiphany
    Episode 5 - The Getaway
    Episode 6 - The Problem with Perfection
    Episode 7 - Reunion
    Episode 8 - Finding True Love
    Episode 9 - Bullies
    Episode 10 - The Evangelist

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies.

    “Tin Heads” is the trademark of Tim Bryce.

    Cover illustration developed in cooperation with CF Payne.